2016 MMEC Welcome Video

Please watch the video below to learn more about the Blue Jays Laundry Lacrosse Program at MMEC! Frequently asked questions are below the video. (Video is 4 minutes and 29 seconds long)




What is the investment in the program?

For a first year player the investment is $120 for ten practice sessions. $25 for a perfectly sized t-shirt. And $40 for a stick that is cut to the proper length. A grand total of $185. Your athlete gets to keep the stick and the t-shirt.

For returning players: $120 for the sessions. $25 for a new t-shirt. You won’t need a stick, however, if your athlete’s hand reaches the plastic we may want to switch out the shaft for a longer length. This will run $20. So your investment is $145 for five weeks.

When does the program start?

Our goal is to start Monday May 2, 2016 and run for five weeks (ten sessions) to June 1, 2016. (If we have a great sign up right away I may be able to get us started a week early for no additional charge.  So please share this message with other parents in your class.  The more athletes the merrier!  There would be no additional charge for the additional days if they were to happen.)

We can’t make Monday or Wednesday’s.

No problem.  Would you like to play in our additional programs in the south? Let Coach Edwards know.

What time are the sessions?

The sessions will be on Monday and Wednesday’s at 4PM.  Sessions will run till 5:15 at which point I need to book it out of there to get to our south location for additional programs.

My athlete’s friend would love to play but doesn’t go to MMEC.  Can they come too?

Shhhh…yes.  Just email Coach.

What should my athlete wear?

Please see the Equipment section under “Resources” above.

My athlete already has a lacrosse stick.  Can he/she use it?

Great question.  First off, I’m not trying to make you buy a stick.  I’m a parent too and I hate to buy equipment we don’t need.  In my experience, most store bought sticks have no pocket, are too long, and the shaft is too thick for small hands.  I will happily take a look at the stick and make a recommendation based on your athlete.  If you do not have a stick please do NOT buy one prior to joining the program.  We get the length of your athlete’s arm and cut the stick to the proper length, and then I put in a forgiving pocket that allows them to catch and cradle.

Where will you guys play?

We have arranged for a green space near MMEC.

Do I have to be at school at the end of the day?

The short answer is “no”. Communication is key.  We will get your athlete set up with expectations of where to be and when after school and we will walk them over to the fields.  If an athlete is not going to make it please email Coach Edwards asap so we can account for your athlete.

Any additional questions please email Coach Edwards at coachedwards@bluejayslacrosse.com