U3-U12 “Laundry Lacrosse”

The U3-U12 “Laundry Lacrosse” program is a fun introduction to the great game of field lacrosse without the commitment of too much equipment and the intensity of body contact and stick checking.

We make this programs as accessible as possible by keeping the investment low and the fun high.

Laundry Lacrosse is a modified version of the game of field lacrosse for young athletes. Using sticks only. We use tennis balls to promote great stick skills and to keep everyone safe while allowing kids to learn without investing in a ton of equipment. In an hour our young athletes have a ton of fun while learning eye hand coordination as well as getting in great condition.

It is not an exact science dividing this group up by age and skill so don’t be afraid to come on out and have some fun. As part of your registration Athletes will receive a stick cut to size for them with a proper pocket, and a t-shirt.

Please check our schedule to see when our next sessions begin.

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Please watch the video below to learn more.