The whole purpose of Laundry Lacrosse is to make the sport of lacrosse accessible to as many kids as possible without introducing hard balls, checking and body contact, along with the overhead of all the equipment like helmets, gloves, shoulder pads, etc.

That being said, Laundry Lacrosse is about as safe as tennis is when you’re playing up close at the net.  The odds of getting hit with the ball are very low.  And when the kids shoot at the goal the shots are low and the chances for getting struck with the ball are minimal.

We also don’t allow stick checking when a player has possession of the ball to avoid kids getting hurt in the hands etc.

So is Laundry Lacrosse safe?  Yes.  I’d say as safe, if not safer than playing soccer.  Safer than getting knocked around in hockey or box lacrosse too.

However, there is ALWAYS the chance of a freak ricochet of the ball or an errant stick.  We can’t control it all.  But for our parents who are understanding that kids will be kids and that accidents happen, Laundry Lacrosse is a great introduction to the game.